Monday, October 24, 2016

Scary books for grown-ups

‘Tis October, the month of all things that go bump in the night -- vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, shapeshifters, and the supernatural. Why not cozy up to one or more of these made-for-you adult fiction sure-to -be scary books while you sip on a cup of hot cider and nibble a couple cookies?

How about starting the week off with a dark fantasy of destiny, death, and the supernatural that will be sure to feel like a rollercoaster ride thru a haunted house? Then why not check out, literally, Wake of Vultures, by Lila Bowen. You won’t be disappointed. Nettie is haunted by the spirits, out on a quest with real monsters breathing down her neck.

Another book that will have you glued to your seat, The Cure, by J.G. Faherty, is by far one story that shouldn’t be read close to bedtime. You may find yourself up at 3:00 am, wondering whether you should go to sleep or drink lots of caffeinated beverages to keep you going all day. The lead character has the power to cure with just a touch, resurrect someone from the dead, and then go on a journey of retribution that will surely give you chills. Be sure to wear something warm.

The Suicide Motor Club by Christopher Buehlman  isn’t what you would guess it might be. Love an adrenaline rush, lots of suspense, surprising and scary all rolled into one great book? “Be grateful his brake lights never flashed. Be grateful his car was already full” and “the dead travel fast” are the takeaway messages of this chillinf novel. Come on and check it out before someone else beats you to it.

If you enjoy werewolves, shapeshifter types, trolls and the like, then Fire Touched, by Patricia Briggs would be a great book to read during this month of scary activities. Full of supernatural heroines, Mercy is one of the best. She will make you spellbound. This is an urban fantasy you won’t want to miss.

Last, but not least, on my list of scary, thrilling, and creepy stories is the one by Ezekiel Boone, entitled, The Hatching. This story is super scary, will make your skin crawl and is also addictively fun. The world is on the brink of an apocalyptic disaster as an ancient species, long dormant, is now very much awake. I think you might want to close the blinds, lock the doors, and keep all the lights on when you read this book, but then that’s just me. If you hear any noises in the basement, don’t go down there to check it out.

--Nicki Malave. Network Coordinator

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