Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another title from the Great Start Regional Early Childhood Resource Collection

Every time my daughter sees Ants in their Pants:  Teaching Children Who Must Move to Learn on my night stand, she wants to meet the boy on the cover, she wants to play with him.  She recognizes a kindred spirit when she sees one. 

We all know children like this:  spirited, busy, sensory-seeking, active, dynamic, kinesthetic-- there are a lot of names for them.  If you're a parent of one, you can probably think of a few more.  And if you're a parent of one, you've probably learned by now that just because other children will amuse themselves nicely with a box of crayons and a coloring book, does not mean yours will not turn the coloring pages into confetti and throw them about the room and then create an abstract mural on your wall with the crayons. 

In Ants in their Pants, Ariel Cross helps parents and teachers identify the what makes up an extra busy nature.  Because each child is different, she provides a questionnaire  "for finding an extra busy kinesthetic child's formula for ticking."  Other valuable information includes the following:  tips for calming busy children, transitioning ideas, tips for redirecting extra energy, constructive play ides, limited-space ideas, sensory play ideas, dietary recommendations, and bedtime routine advice. 

Peter White Public Library has two copies of this title in the Adult Nonfiction Collection on the top floor. 

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  1. I can see this being very helpful to someone with a very active child, someone who babysits, or anyone who has extended exposure to children in general. This is a fantastic resource!