Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NoveList -- What every avid reader needs

Everyone knows that libraries aren't just about books any longer-- we provide movies, music, a cafe, programs, and even downloadable audio and e-books.  But a lot of people still love the library because, well, they like to read books--good ones.  And as many books as they can either get their hands on or make time for. 

But if you're an avid reader, sometimes it's hard to find enough new and wonderful titles that speak to your own set of criteria of what makes for a good read.  That is why the library provides NoveList. 

NoveList is a database that comes to PeterWhite Public Library via MeL (aka Michigan electronic Library).  To find it, go the "Resources" button on the Library main web page and select MeL databases.  From the left side of this page, choose the "Books and Reading" gateway from the green column, and you'll find NoveList about two-thirds down the alphabetical list.  If you're doing this search from your home computer, you'll need to enter a Michigan Drivers License or library card number to get access. 

Once you access NoveList, you'll find a search field across the top, some great browsing links down the left side, and rotating through the middle, you'll find book-jacket images of some of today's most popular reads, each with three recommended read-alikes.  Today's featured titles included both Room and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest--the two books I've heard the most talk about recently.  When you click on the book jackets, you get a description of the book, links to other books by the author, links to book reviews and more information about other similar recommended titles and a list of criteria (Such as "character-driven storyline" or "set in Sweden") that you can select from to find even more similar reads.

If you're interested, the staff at the Peter White Reference Desk would be more than happy to demonstrate how to use NoveList.  Call or stop by anytime the Library is open.

EM, Reference desk.

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  1. What a fantastic tool for readers! I played around with a specific author and received recommendations of other authors I know to be similar, as well as a few I'd never heard of. I'll be checking out those new authors very soon. I will definitely be using NoveList for my next great read! Thanks for making this available to everyone!