Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween movies

With Halloween just around the corner, why not start your weekend with a fright! Check out these DVD and Blu-Ray discs guaranteed to keep you up all night!

Okay, some of the films on our list aren’t actually frightening but they are perfect for this spooky time of year and they are all available at your public library. DVD and Blu-Ray rentals are $1 each and can be renewed up to two times without additional charges.

Crimson Peak directed by Guillermo del Toro
Crimson Peak is a truly terrifying ghost story for a modern audience. After a shocking tragedy, young Edith falls under the spell of Sir Thomas Sharpe, a charming business man who eventually convinces Edith to marry him and move back to his crumbling family mansion. But they aren’t the only two in Sharpe’s home. In order to survive, Edith must unravel the mysterious history of the Sharpe family through her encounters with blood-soaked apparitions. This American gothic romance film comes from the imaginative and slightly disturbing mind of Guillermo del Toro. Known for films such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, del Toro is a master of the dark fantasy genre.
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Hotel Transylvania 2 directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
This is a frightfully fun animated comedy for the entire family! Everything seems to be going well at Hotel Transylvania and Dracula has become a doting grand-dad to his daughter Mavis’s half-human, half-vampire son, Dennis. Now that Dennis is a toddler and showing no signs of being a vampire, the only thing the Count can focus on is whether his redheaded grandson will become a creature of the night or move to the suburbs with his dad. With the help of some hairy and slimy monster friends, Dracula hopes his monster-in-training boot camp will make a true vampire out of Dennis.
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TrollHunter (foreign) directed by John M. Jacobsen
A trio of college students, armed with a video camera and a sense of adventure, try to discover the truth after a series of mysterious bear killings in the forests and mountains of Norway. The government insists there is nothing to worry about but a cantankerous old poacher proves to the students that they have been lied to all of their lives. They soon find exactly what they are searching for – trolls, just like the ones from their fairy tales. TrollHunter is an action-packed fantasy feast, subtitled in English.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Lee Mendelson
It seems that every Halloween Night, the Great Pumpkin flies through the sky in search of the greatest pumpkin patch around. When he finds it, the lucky kids who are waiting there for him are showered in presents and candy! Linus is a big believer but all of his friends think he is simply crazy! However, Charlie Brown's little sister Sally agrees to give up trick-or-treating to spend the evening sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for The Great Pumpkin to arrive. This animated film is a family classic, perfect for children and adults alike.

Warm Bodies directed by Jonathan Levine
Halloween wouldn’t be complete without zombie movies! But how about a romantic zombie movie that feels a little bit like Romeo and Juliet? Set in the post-apocalyptic near-future, Warm Bodies is a gory yet clever film about the transformative power of love.

--Dominic M. Davis, Administrative Assistant

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