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The Peter White Public Library annually spends $15,000 on print magazines.  The Library recently did a survey of in-house magazine use.  The Library also has records of the number of times each magazine gets checked-out, but interestingly enough, check outs and in-house use statistics are not the same.  Some items receive lots of in-house use, but never get checked out.  Others are checked out on a regular basis, but rarely used in the Library.
Almost 10,000 magazines are checked out during the year.  Magazines are read in the library almost 20,000 during the year.  These statistics are only for print magazines.  They do not include the electronic Zinio titles.
The PWPL is constantly trying to evaluate and improve the magazine collection, so it appeals to more readers.  This means that more popular titles are retained, and little used titles are dropped.  Some of the titles that the PWPL offers on the shelves are “sponsored” by local individuals.  This allows the PWPL to add titles without increasing the magazine budget. 
The PWPL recently added the British Edition of Country Living.  This colorful magazine celebrates life in the British countryside.  It covers interior design, architecture, gardening, cooking, health and fashion trends with a European flare.
Family Tree Magazine is a practical guide to genealogy that is of interest to the novice or experienced family history researcher.  Articles in the May/June 2015 issue include how to find hidden clues to identify old photos, a guide to using old tax records and tips for finding relatives displaced by the Civil War.  Print and electronic resources are both included in the magazine.
Spring brings a return of a variety of birds to the area, and this is an excellent time to observe birds.  Bird Watcher’s Digest is a great resource for anyone who loves birds.  Personal stories, numerous illustrations, question and answer column and identification tips provide bird-related information of value to any bird lover.
Make: magazine is published for the tinkerer.  The purpose of the magazine is to celebrate the ability of the reader to hack, tweak or bend any type of technology to create useful products.  The May 2015 issue includes a pattern for a crocheted mermaid lapghan and do-it-yourself kids furniture.  Nurture the nerd within and check out Make:.
We live in a digital age, and photography is no exception.  Digital Photo magazine is published to educate the hobbyist as well as professional photographer.  Tips on gear, equipment, lighting and composition as well as many photo examples will help to develop skills for just about any photographer.
Cloth, Paper, Scissors is an inspirational craft magazine that that mixes creativity with artistic discovery.  Lavishly illustrated with examples and step-by-step instructions, this magazine guides the artist through projects at every level.  It is a great starting point for any artistic endeavor.
Afar magazine is a travel magazine that encourages the traveler to visit destinations not only for sightseeing, but to immerse himself in the culture of the destination.  Articles explore the natives, cuisine, culture, architecture and sites of interest.  U.S. and international destinations are both included. 
The Poetry Society of Michigan advocates interest in and an appreciation of poetry for adults and children.  They publish Peninsula Poets twice a year.  Featured are Michigan poets and winners of the organization’s annual poetry contest.
Lovers of literature and poetry will also enjoy Passages North published by the Northern Michigan University Department of English.  This journal is published annually and includes materials submitted by a variety of writers.   Poetry and prose are both included in this hefty volume.
Michigan History magazine is published six times per year by the Historical Society of Michigan and provides Michigan enthusiasts with articles about Michigan’s past.  The magazine features interviews, feature stories, news briefs and excellent photographs and illustrations. 
Rodale has long been known for their organic publications.  Rodale’s Organic Life centers on food, home, garden and wellness.  This magazine is filled with content and will take some time to adequately peruse.  The recipes are detailed and accompanied by photos.  The healthy living articles are realistic and inspiring. 
Garden Gate magazine contains a profusion of photos and illustrations.  This magazine is eye candy for anyone who enjoys gardening and landscaping.  Filled with practical advice, featuring a variety of plants and gardening ideas, this magazine will appeal to readers with a wide range of gardening skill and experience.
Mental Floss magazine is published in an effort to get readers using all parts of their brain.  The periodical contains material to challenge the right brain, left brain and scattered brain.  It is a fun and breezy read, but even after putting the magazine down, you will realize how much information actually sunk in.  For those wishing to boost their brain power, this is an excellent place to start.
The PWPL offers almost 300 magazines and periodicals.  The aforementioned are just the tip of the iceberg.  The current issue of each title is for use in the library only.  Back issues can be checked out.  Explore all of your print options on the PWPL shelves or look at the PWPL website for information on how to use Zinio our electronic magazine product that delivers  magazines to your phone, tablet or computer.

By Pam Christensen-- Library Director

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