Monday, May 8, 2017

Inspiring Stories

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word inspiration means “A breathing in or infusion of some idea or purpose into the mind or the suggestion or awaking or creation of some feeling or impulse of an exalted kind”.  Pick up one of these inspiring stories next time you visit the library.

United: Thoughts on finding common ground and advancing the common good by Cory Booker.   
Senator Cory Booker is a new voice to politics.  A Rhodes Scholar, Booker provides a compelling book and makes a case that the virtues of empathy, responsibility and action must guide our nation toward a brighter future.  In his account. Booker provides a narrative on what he learned from the remarkable people who inspired him to serve others and fueled his desire to create opportunities for others. What sets Booker apart is his passion to elevate political discourse rather than bring down opponents of the opposite partisan persuasion.

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors by George Bush   
Former President George W. Bush not only displays his artistic ability in his passion to honor the courage and sacrifice of veterans.  These “Profiles in Courage” came from the biographies of the veterans themselves. When developing the paintings from the written biographies, Bush states: “I thought about their backgrounds, time in the military and the issues they dealt with as a result from combat” These veterans are truly remarkable in how they view life and putting their story with their picture really adds to the powerful impact of the book. 

Where We Belong by Hoda Kotb.   
Hoba Kotb has always been one of my favorite co-host’s on the Today Show.  Her down to earth nature provides her with core stability in her reporting skills.  “Where We Belong” is about people who find life’s purpose in unexpected ways.  The main theme of the book is “are you where you belong”, Kotb explores the challenging journeys of people who found their true calling in life by following their passions, their gut and their heart.  One interesting story is about an investment broker who, after working on Wall Street for many years decided his true calling was to become a minister.  These stories provide preservice, self-reflection, and how a new approach on life can be motivating to finding the right path for one’s personal journey.

The Bridge to Brilliance by Nadia Lopez
Educators have a difficult job preparing young scholars for a successful future.  High school principal Lopez provides a narrative on the successful methods used to create a safe learning environment for her students.  Inspiration appears in how she demonstrates her progression from a passionate dream to the reality of the school, Mott Hall Bridges academy (a New York City Public School) in a poor neighborhood located in Brooklyn New York.  Her model, Connected to Succeed utilizes community leadership and a passionate belief in children and their ability to succeed.  Lopez is an inspiration and social change agent at the highest level. 

--Diana Menhennick, Reference Department

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