Monday, May 15, 2017

Graphic Novels for Summer Reading

Summer Reading “Build a Better World” is right around the corner, with our kickoff party on June 10! And so, to help kids find some fun, light summer reading, here are some of our newest Graphic Novels at Peter White Library.

Caveboy Dave by Aaron Reynolds
Dave’s Grandpa invented fire, and his dad invented the wheel-so what will Caveboy Dave do? The "more scrawny than brawny" 12 year-old has always been more inclined to invent things (such as underwear to make those loin cloths less itchy), then to go out and help gather meat. Will young Dave find a way to help out his clan? Or will he meet HIS DOOM?....

The Sisters vol 2: Doing it Our Way by Cazenove
Back by popular demand are sisters Wendy and Maureen, just in time for summer! This second novel follow the two sisters as they continue to navigate life, such as cleaning your room, fighting and making up, wearing hand-me-downs and more. With bright illustrations, short 1-page stories, kids will eat this book up, especially girls looking to see themselves in comic books.

LEGO Nexo Knights vol 1: The Forbidden Power by Max Brallier
LEGO books and comics are more popular than ever-and here is a brand new series for those LEGO enthusiasts out there! LEGO Nexo Knights, Knights Academy is the newest of the fun, engaging LEGO comics, sure to keep reluctant readers and book lovers alike entertained this summer.

Yo-Kai Watch by Noriyuke Konishi
The library just received the first 3 volumes of the manga Yo-Kai Watch! In this series, average kid Nate Adams receives a watch –and this isn’t just any watch, as he can now see the otherwise invisible Yo-kai! Maybe they are phantoms, or maybe they are something else, but whatever they are, Nate is now able to use his watch to help out these unique new friends in laugh-out-loud adventures. Sure to be a hit with Pokemon fans, this series is not to be missed!

Big Nate: Revenge of the Cream Puffs by Lincoln Pierce
How would you like to be on a Little League team call the Cream Puffs? Nate and his friends are definitely not wild about it in this most recent of the always popular Big Nate comics. So they set out to prove that they are more than cream filled desserts! With humor and hijinks, and maybe a few lessons learned along the way, this is a baseball game for the ages!

Bad Kitty takes the Test by Nick Bruel
The ever popular Bad Kitty is back! In this fun comic style book, bad kitty has been deemed as not only a bad kitty, but bad at being a cat! This calls for some cat-behavior studying, and, gulp, a test! For all those cat lovers (or just bad kitty lovers), make sure to grab this newest Bad Kitty book for some giggles this summer.

-Sarah Rehborg, Youth Services Librarian

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