Monday, August 14, 2017

Joys of outdoor work

These glorious summer days are perfect for getting outdoors. Even the tasks of weeding and watering a garden are a pleasure. Peter White Public Library’s new nonfiction collection, housed on the main floor of the library, has several books that celebrate the joys of working the soil and being active in the natural world.
Infestations of aphids have been a real problem for many gardeners this summer thanks to the abundant rainfall this earlier in the season. Instead of reaching for the chemical insecticide, consider reading The Humane Gardener by Nancy Lawson for tips on using natural predators to curb your bug problem. The book’s author promotes the concept of understanding your property as a whole ecosystem with compassion for all the variety of life in it. For example, one ladybug can eat up to fifty aphids a day, a much better alternative for the earth than chemical controls. Developing an appreciation of your property’s ecosystem will enrich your outdoor gardening experience. 577.554 LA
Garden designer, Kate Frey and biology professor, Gretchen LeBuhn, are the authors of The Bee Friendly Garden, a how-to guide to make your yard attractive to these busy pollinators. Topics covered in this well illustrated book range from why bees are essential to our ecosystems, what food sources to plant that support bee populations (an often other animals), and how to provide shelter for all kinds bees. 595.799 FR
Taking the interest in bees several steps further is Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives by Rob and Chelsea McFarland. This book explores the wonder of the world of honeybees and gives an overview of the process of getting set up to keep bees, how to maintain a healthy hive, troubleshooting problems and how to harvest the honey. Joining a local beekeeping group is another way to learn more before diving into this rewarding hobby. 638.1 MC
Readers who want to make a positive impact on the environment and help the effort to combat climate change will enjoy The Permaculture Promise by Jono Neiger. Permaculture is the art of using the patterns and features observed in the natural world to design our communities and living spaces. The author covers practical ideas each of us can utilize to stabilize our food supply, fulfill our energy needs, build smarter homes and ensure a good supply of clean water. 631.58 NE
In The Wood for the Trees: One Man’s Long View of Nature author Richard Fortey leads the reader through a year in the life of his four-acre woodland in Oxfordshire, England. Twelve chapters, one for each month, cover the geology, natural history, flora and fauna of this piece of land under his stewardship. An award winning paleontologist at London’s Natural History Museum, Fortey’s writing style is very readable and informative, providing an interesting “walk” through the woods in all seasons. 577.3094 FO
What’s new for readers who don’t have a piece of earth to till? Check out Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants by Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaff. Full of inspiring colorful photographs, the authors provide plenty of ideas on how to bring the outdoors in by decorating with hanging plants, succulents, indoor trees and herbs to create a light and contemporary decorating style. For more indoor garden tips visit the authors’ online blog at 635.965 JO
Happy gardening! 
--Margaret Boyle, Circulation Services

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