Monday, January 16, 2017


January is a perfect time to make resolutions that not only refresh your spirit but also your surroundings. Whether you’re interested in refining your culinary skills or getting the most out of your smart devices, this list of new adult nonfiction books will help inspire you to make small enhancements to your everyday life. Gain the confidence you need to tackle simple DIY projects around the home or office with one of these helpful new titles available at Peter White Public Library.

Home Automation for Dummies (2015) by Dwight Spivey
You can buy just about any home appliance today and control it from your smartphone or tablet. Most of these smart devices are easy to set up and use but some may be tricky to navigate, especially if you’re new to the idea of home automation. Home Automation for Dummies is a great reference book for those just beginning to explore the possible applications of this new phenomenon. With this book you’ll learn how to control your home security devices while out of the house, adjust your thermostat remotely, and even how to automate your lawn care duties all from one platform.
New Adult Nonfiction 643.6 SP

Home Decor Cheat Sheets (2016) by Jessica Probus
If you need a crash course in Design 101, this is the book for you. Home Decor Cheat Sheets provides over 300 tips and tricks to help make your living spaces more livable. Learn the rules of interior design with this easy to follow guidebook. Vital concepts in design are made assessable with the aid of simple illustrations and brief descriptions. Seriously, this book explains all of the need-to-know stuff for stylish living. Looking to add a new piece of furniture to a room? This book will help you identify different styles of furniture and then help you pair them! Not sure how best to arrange art work or picture frames on a wall? Don’t worry, Home Decor Cheat Sheets has that covered too.
New Adult Nonfiction 645 PR

The Useful Book (2016) by David & Sharon Bowers
Divided into two sections, Home Ec and Shop, The Useful Book will help you become a master of all trades. This encyclopedia of DIY has over 200 easy to learn life skills, from how to brew a cup of tea to how to plaster a wall! It’s like a survival guide for real life. The pages are filled with step-by-step instructions, practical advice for DIY projects, and solutions to common problems.
New Adult Nonfiction 640 BO

Taste & Technique (2016) by Naomi Pomeroy
Taste and Technique is more than just a cookbook which lists ingredients and instructions; it’s a culinary manual that focuses on technique so that you can prepare dazzling meals that feed the body and spirit, again and again. This is a cookbook for the home cook who is looking to dramatically enhance their kitchen prowess. Each recipe and technique is plainly explained and feels as though you are receiving private in-home instruction from a world-class chef.  Taste and Technique will inspire your confidence and have you creating 5-star meals from the very first recipe.
New Adult Nonfiction 641.5 PO

Table Manners (2016) by Jeremiah Tower
In Table Manners, Jeremiah Tower has created a witty and unstuffy book on a rather stuffy subject; how to behave at the dining table and why it matters. Tower’s book is a sensible back-to-basics guide that is chock-full of practical advice for any dining experience, whether you are the host or a guest. Bone up on how to set a table, serve a meal, or simply gain confidence in navigating dinner conversations. Because Tower also addresses topics such as using social media and technology at the table, Table Manners is a wonderful book on etiquette for a modern world.
New Adult Nonfiction 395.54 TO

--Dominic M. Davis, Administrative Assistant

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