Monday, December 19, 2016

New in Youth Services

With our new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) programming at the library, we recently added some great new coding books and other STEAM titles.

The series Kids Can Code includes the following titles:
Understanding Coding with Hopscotch - In this title, kids use something similar to SCRATCH, with Hopscotch using colorful blocks that drag and drop, instead of lines of text. With this drag and drop method, users can quickly create games, stories, animations and more.
Understanding Coding with LEGO Mindstorms - LEGO Mindstorm is similar to the following LEGO WeDo, except more advanced, both in building and in coding/program. A lot of fun to play with, and great for young engineers!
Understanding Coding with LEGO WeDo - LEGO WeDo is something the library has done in our STEAM programs. They require the WeDo kits, which can be built into different creations (such as the snapping crocodile), and when plugged into a computer, kids then program their creation to do certain action.
Understanding Coding with Minecraft - This title is sure to be a hit-kids love Minecraft! This title will walk kids through the basics of coding with Minecraft.
Understanding Coding with Python - This title introduces new coders to the more traditional text-based coding. Coders type in exactly what they want the computer to do, using either the text editor that comes with the computer, or free ones that can be downloaded.
Understanding Coding with Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi are affordable microcomputers that plug into a monitor. They use the Python coding language. This title will walk you through what Raspberry Pi is and some of the basics of using it. The really cool thing about these are that the hardware of the raspberry pi is fairly cheap, and it allows kids to basically build their own computer.
Understanding Coding with Ruby - Like Python, Ruby is a text-based coding language. This title explains the basics of Ruby and how to start using it. Ruby is open-sourced, so anyone can use it. It is also a step closer to using more difficult coding programs, such as Java

We also have, or will soon be receiving, some titles associated with some very popular movies. The Beasts: Cinematic Guide (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) was just ordered for the kids area. Harry Potter fans, of the books and the new movie, will need to check this one out.
And with the Star Wars Rogue One movie out, we had to order a couple more Star Wars books. Keep your eyes open for the book Star Wars: Rogue One: Rebel Dossier for middle school ages and Star Wars: Rogue One: Secret Mission, a leveled reader for new readers.

--Sarah Rehborg, Youth Services Librarian

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