Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Art Prints

Did you know that Peter White Public Library has nearly 300 art prints available for the public to borrow? Unlike other items in our collection, borrowed art prints are limited to two (2) at any time and can be borrowed for up to two (2) months. There are no renewals allowed for borrowed art so it’s important to keep a note of when those items are due back to the library, otherwise fines could add up quickly -- the fee for overdue art prints is $1 per day.

The library’s collection of circulating art prints contains work by local and nationally known artists as well as photographs and posters. These art prints are framed and ready to hang in your home or office. All art prints can be found behind the stacks of paperback books on the Main Level of the library.

Here are a few of my favorites from the collection.

Oyster Gatherers of Cancale by John Singer Sargent
This large wood framed art print depicts a blue-sky summer day in which women and children have gathered along the coast of Brittany to begin their search for oysters. The way in which Sargent distributes light throughout the painting is dazzling. An American-born artist, Sargent was known for his impressive portraits of war generals and popular figures of the day. However the Oyster Gatherers of Concale clearly demonstrates that his abilities extended beyond portraiture.

The Flower Carrier by Diego Rivera
This small square art print displays a man on his hands and knees in a bright yellow sombrero while a woman stands behind him adjusting the enormous basket of flowers on his back. Like many of Rivera’s paintings, geometric shapes offer bold and intense contrasts creating a scene which is simple yet strikingly beautiful. This print is perfect for any space you wish to energize with color.

Moving Mallard by Jeff Santti
An elegant black frame and green matting compliment this newer addition to the library circulating art collection. The bright yellow bill and iridescent bottle-green head of the mallard are a striking contrast against the dark lake he glides along. This attractive color photograph is an original donated by the artist and will add instant class to any office or living space.

Babar en Avion by Laurent de Brunhoff
Picking up where his father left off, Laurent de Brunhoff continued writing and illustrating the stories of Babar the Elephant after WWII. Babar en Avion is a large metal-framed illustration of Babar flying a red airplane above his royal elephant family. Imaginative and cheerful, this art print will bring joy to any room.

Wild Rose Marsh by Nita Engle
Peter White Public Library has many watercolor prints by local artist Nita Engle but Wild Rose Marsh is one of the more fantastic and mysterious in the collection. As wild roses and vibrant colors explode across the bottom of the print and white birds take flight above, Engle offers a landscape that free and uninhabited. Like much of Engle’s work, this print will transport you.

Last Light by Mary Demroske
An eerie art print by local artist Mary Demroske, Last Light depicts the deck of the famed Edmund Fitzgerald flooded by a wave. Unlike other depictions of the Edmund Fitzgerald, the sky is only beginning to turn dark, hinting at the devastation to come. 

--Dominic M. Davis, Administrative Assistant

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