Monday, March 7, 2016

Middle grade page-turning fiction

Are your kids having trouble getting interested in their required reading?  Good news!  We’ve got some brand-new middle grade fiction books on the shelves at Peter White Public Library.  You’ll be catching them with a flashlight after lights out with these page-turners.  Stop by the youth services department on the library’s lower level and check one out today!
Soar, by Joan Bauer:  Jeremiah is a baseball super fan.  When he’s told he can’t play baseball, he decides to do the next best thing and become a coach.  Jeremiah moves to a new town and finds everyone about ready to give up on baseball. It’s up to him and his winning spirit to everyone back in the game.
Pax by Sara Pennypacker:  Pax was only a kit when recued by “his boy” Peter.  Now there’s another threat to them all, and Peter has to live with his grandpa—without Pax.  Before Peter makes it through one night without him, he sets off to get reunite with his friend.
Sweet Home Alaska, by Carole Estby Dagg:  This exciting story, based on actual events, introduces us to an interesting chapter in history, when FDR set up a New Deal colony in Alaska during the Great Depression.  It’s 1934, and times are tough for their family. To make a fresh start, Terpsichore’s father signs up for President Roosevelt’s Palmer Colony project.  Their new home is not what they expect—it’s a town under construction in the wilderness, where everyone lives in tents and shares an outhouse.  Terpsichore is not going to let first impressions stop this grand adventure and hatches a grand plan to make the rest of the family fall in love with their new life. 
The Honest Truth, by Dan Gemeinhart:  In all the ways that matter, Mark is a normal kid. He's got a dog named Beau and a best friend, Jessie. He likes to take photos and write haiku poems in his notebook. He dreams of climbing a mountain one day.  But in one important way, Mark is not like other kids at all.  Mark is sick--the kind of sick that means hospitals and treatments. The kind of sick some people never get better from.  So Mark runs away with his camera, his notebook, his dog, and a plan to reach the top of Mount Rainier--even if it's the last thing he ever does.
The Door by the Staircase by Katherine Marsh:  Twelve-year-old Mary Hayes can't stand her orphanage for another night. But when an attempted escape doesn't go well, Mary fears she'll be stuck there forever.   The next day, a mysterious woman appears at the orphanage requesting to adopt Mary, and the matron's all too happy see Mary go. Soon, she’s living a dream – hearty meals and a warm, soft bed!  But when Mary begins to explore the nearby town, she learns a terrifying secret about her adopter’s true identity. If Mary's not careful, her dream life might just turn into a nightmare.
Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City, by Will Mabbitt:  When Mabel's baby sister is plucked from her crib by an evil witch, Mabel has no choice but to follow both to the jungles of the Forbidden City.   Joining a brand-new cast of characters—and a few familiar faces from The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones—Mabel races an arrogant fox, slays a ferocious millipede, and battles the diabolical witch. Is she prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister?
To Catch a Cheat, by Varian Johnson:  When a video frames Jackson Greene and his friends for a crime they didn't commit, Gang Greene battles the blackmailers in this sequel to The Great Greene Heist.   Jackson is retired from conning, so Principal Kelsey is off his back and his friends have new projects of their own. Then Jackson receives a link to a faked security video implicates Jackson and his friends with a threat to pass it to the principal--unless Jackson submits to their demand. Jackson devises a plan and along the way they learn sometimes it takes a thief to catch a cheat.
Story Thieves: The Stolen Chapters, by James Riley:  Owen Conners would never jump into a mystery. There are too many clues and twists.  So how did he end up in one?  How did Kiel Gnomenfoot, boy magician, lose all of his magic? Where’s Bethany, their half-fictional friend? And who’s the annoying guy wearing the question mark mask and Sherlock Holmes hat, taunting Owen and Kiel that Bethany is in grave danger? 
-- Heather Steltenpohl, Development Director

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