Monday, December 7, 2015

Mackinaw Island Fiction

Mackinaw Island is a very popular tourist attraction with a rich history of settlements and major military campaigns occurring at Fort Mackinac.  The island has been the center of many publications, both fiction and nonfiction.  These fiction titles will arouse any historical fiction lover’s attention.    

Island of Doves by Kelly O'Connor McNees (2014). Adult Fiction.  Written by a Lansing Michigan native, the island of doves centers around one woman who wishes to flee a brutal marriage and thru the help from a local nun whom is a stranger she is smuggled out of Buffalo New York and lands on Mackinaw Island where a widow of a fur trading company and allows the fleeing woman a chance at a new life.  Once you pick up this title you will not want to stop reading the historical description of Mackinaw Island alone is well worth the read.

Mackinaw Maze by Jerry Prescott (1997).  Adult Mystery.  Two retired police officers take a vacation on Mackinaw Island and find themselves pulled into a plot in which a mysterious group of individuals are seeking to infiltrate a secret meeting.  This book will take you throughout the scenic area of Mackinac Island with unpredictable twists and turns of deception and intrigue.

Peacock Prophecy: Stephen Moorehouse Mackinaw Island Mystery by James Nelson (2013).  Adult Mystery. Stephen Moorehouse has finished his first year of art school back east and is excited about returning to his Uncle Phillip’s estate in northern Michigan. When he finally arrives, Jeanette, his uncles beautiful assistant, and the woman he has waited all year to see, is busy catering to a house filled with Hollywood people. Everyone is celebrating Phillip Kahle's return to producing, after the shocking murder of his girlfriend the year before. Stephen’s hoping for some quiet time with his uncle and Jeanette when they make a visit to picturesque Mackinac Island. When Stephen encounters a person from Jeanette’s past, the dim corridors of the Peacock Inn turn deadly and provide the final answer to The Peacock Prophecy.

Geared for the Grave  (2014).  New Paperback.  This is book one of the series, “A Cycle Path,” mysteries by Duffy Brown.  The setting of this story is Mackinaw Island which investigates the murder of a prominent island resident.  The young individual looking for a chance of promotion accepts the duty of caring for her boss’s father in recovering from a broken leg while riding his bike. However what really happens is how this young lady can keep her boss’s father out of jail as she investigates to locate the real killer. 

--Diana L. Menhennick, Reference Department

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  1. Thanks so much for chatting about Geared for the Grave. I love Mackinac Island! That there are no cars, spotty iPhone reception and limited WiFi makes it great for setting a mystery.