Monday, November 17, 2014

New books for youth

Did you know it takes baby elephants two years to grow inside their mothers before they are born? In A
Baby Elephant in the Wild by Caitlin O’Connell, large colorful photos depict the story of baby Liza, an African elephant in Namibia. This informational book includes fun facts that are both easy and interesting to read for new and seasoned readers. How many muscles does young Liza have in her trunk? How much does she weight when she’s born? Come check this book out to learn those answers and a whole lot more.

The kids at Beecher Prep are back! In 365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne’s Book of Precepts, Mr. Browne, the beloved teacher in R.J. Palacio’s Wonder has assembled “words to live by” for every day of the year. Encouragements, enlightenments,  and comforting words will challenge reader’s every day of the year. Mr. Browne included the words of famous people and the words of his students; which are fascinating for all ages.

“All the diamonds ever published would fill one double decker bus”. That’s one fact of many in the 60th edition of the Guiness World Records 2015, now available in Youth Services. This hardcover edition has thousands of updated records, along with photographs and stories of how record setters made and accomplished their feats. Interested in making your own GWR attempt? Page 5 details how to set your own record and get it certified by the GWR team. The 2015 edition packs multiple facts on each page, along with large colorful photos.   

Follow a sweet felt mouse as she decides how to choose a pet for her very own. I Wish I Had a Pet written and illustrated by Maggie Rudy suggests some hilarious ideas, such as a frog in a dress, a caterpillar on a leash, roly-polies, a bird four times a mouse’s size, a grasshopper that plays fetch, a sweater-wearing iguana and many more. The surprising suggestions will make any reader laugh as mouse thinks about the pros and cons of each pet. Which one does she chose? Come grab the book to find out.

When lion rescues an injured bird in The Lion and the Bird by
Marianne Dubuc, the pair enjoy winter activities, like sledding and ice fishing, until the day spring arrives. Bird rejoins the flock and the Lion spends the rest of the year alone. When fall returns, lion looks expectedly to the skies, wondering if he will see his old friend. Sparse, easy text makes this a good book for beginner readers. Charming illustrations tell the story of fast friends that reunite year after year.

Baby bear follows a bee into the city in The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud. Translated from the French, Chaud’s fast-paced text follows Papa Bear on an adventure to find his little one. As baby bear runs from one page to the next, stories within the story jump out from pages filled with detailed , rich illustrations. The surprise ending will elicit smiles and applause as Papa finds his baby.

He’s a tiny, tiny king in a big, big world. And he wants someone to share it all. In the The Tiny King by award-winning illustrator, Taro Miura, bright, colorful characters tell the story of a king who is lonely. Can he find true love with a big princess? Yes. And he’s so happy when they have ten little children,  he sends all the soldiers home on holiday. 

-- Jenifer Kilpela, Youth Services

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