Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Non-fiction

The Peter White Public Library offers these new non-fiction titles.

Factory man : how one furniture maker battled offshoring, stayed local-- and helped save an American town.
By Beth Macy
Between 2001 and 2012 63,300 US factories closed, at a cost of 5 million jobs. The Bassett Furniture Company fell down the slippery slope of outsourcing production to China, until John Bassett III attempted to reel the production back in. Provides insights on international trade, the economy, the manufacturing business, and how Bassett was able to bring hundreds of jobs back home.
New adult nonfiction 338.755 MA

Johnny Cash : the life.
By Robert Hilburn
Acclaimed by Rolling Stone as “the ultimate Johnny Cash biography”. Author Robert Hilburn has spent decades as a music industry insider, and wrote with authorization from Cash’s children. Likely to become the definitive biography of Johnny Cash.
New adult nonfiction 921 Cash

The brothers : John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and their secret world war.
Joint biography of the Dulles brothers, whose policies during the first half of the cold war helped create the world we live in today. John was the US Secretary of State, and Allen director of the CIA. Early in the cold war, a “secret world war” was waged together by the brothers to influence the American psyche. They were also instrumental in numerous political coups abroad which shaped US foreign policy.
By Stephen Kinzer
New adult nonfiction 327.1273 KI

American gun : a history of the U.S. in ten firearms.
Kyle (author of American Sniper) examines ten guns that helped shape US history, from the Revolution to present day. Stories of militia, soldiers, cowboys, gangsters, and heroes.
By Chris Kyle
New adult nonfiction 344.73 KY

Unruly places : lost spaces, secret cities, and other inscrutable geographies.
A collection of stories about obscure places around the world. Some you may have heard of, like “Sealand”, the WWII anti-aircraft station off the coast of England run by eccentrics who have asserted the platform is an independent nation since the 1960s. Some you may not have heard of, like Agdam, Armenia. Following the collapse of the USSR, control of the town was disputed, and led to its abandonment. Deeper still, an examination of how people interact, creating the uniqueness of these places. 
By Alastair Bonnett
New adult nonfiction 910 BO

Android phones for dummies (2nd edition - 2014).
The Android operating system has become the most popular mobile platform for phones and other portable devices. This guide will show you how to get the most out of Android, in language you can understand.
By Dan Gookin
New adult nonfiction 004.167 GO

The gentle art of preserving .
A book to help you preserve the tastes of summer, and enjoy them when it’s 10 below zero. A modern look at preserving, but using time-tested techniques. Over 200 recipes and photographs.
By Katie Caldesi
New adult nonfiction 641.4 CA

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