Monday, January 21, 2013

City of Dark Magic

I've probably read some books in the last couple of years that are more literary or more more meaningful, but I'm not that I've read a book in that last five years that is more fun than the City of Dark Magic.  I am a middle-aged woman with a young child; I go to bed early.  I was up past 1 am one night just that eager to see what would happen next.  When I finished the story, I was digging around the Internet to see when the next book would be out. 

The author listed on the cover, Magnus Flyte, is the pen name of writing duo Meg Howrey ( a novelist) and Christina Lynch (a television writer).

The bulk of the story is set in modern day and not so modern day Prague.  Time becomes fluid in this story.  There are, as the title suggests, elements of dark magic.  The protagonist is a smart young doctoral student of musicology.  I learned a few things about Beethoven.  That's enough.  Read the book, have fun. 

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